Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Live a Creative Life

After viewing this lovely little infographic, (which I came across on a truly wonderful blog–thanks, Abi and Pakou!), I chose to create my own procedure for living a creative life.

I do not have a scanner and creating the whole thing on paint, or the like, would take way too long. So I took these photos with the camera on my laptop.

Here’s the full diagram.

And then I figured out how to make my laptop take pictures that are not mirror images.
 The first page:
 The second page:
 If you really want to know, here’s what it says. You can look at the pictures while I read it to you.

“How to Live a Creative Life”

Wake up. Lay in bed for 30 min longer.

 Think about how you wish you had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.

Try to remember who wrote that quote.

Go make oatmeal. Put lots of good things in it -> all your favorite things so it won’t taste bad.
Coconut, peanut butter, chocolate, bananas, cinnamon, sugar…
– not Cheetos.

Bad idea. Start over. [Bad ideas go in the compost heap.]

Ride your bike to work. Wear lots of flashing lights. And sing while you go.

Send a clever text message, you clever fool.

Do yoga at your desk. Make up your own poses. Wear your bike helmet.

Bad idea. Start over.

Paint a water-color at a coffee shop.

Write fake journal entries. (“Today I rode a motorcycle.”)

Read your fake journal. Try to remember which entries are true.

Accidentally leave your fake journal someplace where someone will find it.

Perform in a poetry slam.

Bad idea. Start over.

Play an instrument. Maybe a kazoo.

Try to have really good handwriting.
Play softball with a rubber chicken as the ball.

Play softball with a banana as the ball.

Bad idea. Start over.

Start a blog which you’ll never post on.

If you create a creative life diagram, please share. I’m looking for a reliable manual.

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